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If you're Self-Employed, Buying Disability Insurance is Crucial

For people who are self-employed, own-occupation disability insurance is especiallly important. Your whole job relies having you working hard. Your entire company could go under if you get injured. You can't ever know when an injury or health issues will strike, but you can prepare for them by buying a policy to safeguard your income.

We also offer various riders to improve your worst-case scenario of falling victim to an unexpected accident and being forced to miss work. You can get extras that account for cost of living, medical expenses, hospital stay and critical illness bonuses, along with other riders. You may even select how long you'd like your benefit and waiting periods to be for.

Being self-employed, you really on your salary even more than an average employee. If you need to take time off due to an injury, your business suffers as well. That is why selecting an appropriate plan with business overhead expenses to pay for your monthly costs is crucial.

Business Overhead Expenses

Got DI has a range of selections for the top short term and long term plans for individuals of different professions. We'll assist you choose the policy that suits your preferences, so you will have sufficient coverage. A few of the features we offer include:

• Affordable self-employed disability insurance premiums that can meet your budget

• Business overhead expenses allow your small business to continue operations if you're injured

• Own-occupation allows you to be employed in another capacity while still receiving a percentage of your wages

• Got DI will weigh options to assist you in finding the right policy for your budget

• Call for our helpful customer service

Additional Riders

To help you purchase the most beneficial insurance policy, Got DI reviews the additional riders from leading coverage providers. Riders are voluntary bonuses you may choose to include with your policies that increase benefits in certain scenarios. Listed below are some of the additional riders we feature:

Accident Hospital Confinement Indemnity Benefits Rider
This rider pays as much as $500 for every day you’re hospitalized because of an injury. If you spend time in intensive care, the benefit doubles.

Critical Illness Benefits Rider
Specific conditions are more serious, so this rider compensates as much as $25,000 as a lump sum if you're informed you have one of them.

Social Insurance Supplement Benefits Rider
Social Insurance Supplement (SIS) Benefits are available only on a long-term plan for individuals and pays claimants further monthly benefits when they do not qualify for Worker’s Compensation or Social Security.