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More Policies: Long-Term Care Insurance provides our customers with policies for long term care to help with medical and non-medical expenses. When a person falls victim to a devastating disability or chronic illness, they often require additional attention for extended periods. Even basic tasks like bathing, dressing, eating, and using the bathroom become too difficult to perform alone and require the assistance of a nurse or other professional. These services can be provided in the home, in the community, or in nursing homes.

Most citizens are unaware of how high the costs of living are for a senior citizen and how little government programs actually pay for these services. While Medicaid does pay some of the long term care expenses, Medicare does not pay for anything beyond medically-mandatory nursing care. To better protect your future, it is important to have a plan.

Do I Need Long Term Care Insurance?

So how do you know if you need long term care insurance? The older you get, the more likely that you will require these services. Even if you are not struck by a disease or disability, you still feel the normal effects of old age that make it more difficult to maneuver. Senior citizens without reliable assistance can especially make use of the benefits.

With some health insurance plans, you may receive all of the coverage your desire, but to fully guarantee that you are protected, purchase long term care insurance. Call an agent or fill out a contact form to get more details about our specific services.

Policy Options

Here are some of the features we provide you with for long term care insurance plance:

  • Reimbursement
  • Indemnity
  • Cash Value