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Insurance Services: Disability, Life, Health, & Long Term Care specializes in disability insurance, but we also offer coverage for life, health, and long term care insurances. Read through the following descriptions to see which plans you require for complete coverage and peace of mind.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects employees from the risk of an injury or illness that could impair their ability to work. When a disability prevents someone from working, they risk not being able to pay their monthly expenses. DI helps with this by providing a percentage of your income in the event of an accident. The insured person must pay monthly premiums to keep the policy active.

Own-occupation disability insurance is a subset of this type of insurance service. Own-occ, as it is known, allows the individual to work at another job that is more suited to the physical restraints while still collecting benefits, until he/she is able to return to the original position.

Life Insurance

Life insurance offers peace of mind to the insured person in the event that their life is unexpectedly ended. Life insurance policies pay out a lump sum to beneficiaries should the insured die. If you have a spouse or children, this is very important to ensure that they have the necessary means to survive should you be struck by tragedy.

Health Insurance

Many companies cover their employees’ health insurance costs, but you may find that your's either does not offer these benefits or that they are insufficient and you require additional coverage. Either way, Got DI can help.

Medical expenses are extremely high. Even a simple procedure can run up a bill over a thousand dollars. To cover these, health insurance pays for all or some of the costs associated with your health. This service is crucial to people of all ages and occupations.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is primarily for two scenarios. First, older people need additional care that is unrelated to medical conditions, such as live-in assistance or nursing home care. The second case is for disabled individuals who cannot take care of themselves due to injury, making even basic tasks, like eating, bathing, and using the restroom, difficult. Long term care provides funds for assisted living unrelated to a medical condition, which is not normally covered by health insurance.