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Got DI Offers Health Insurance

Health insurance protects the insured individual from medical expenses incurred after an accident, injury, or illness. will charge you monthly premiums based on your age, occupation, daily health risks, and overall wellness.  These protect you from medical expenses like hospital stay, surgery, testing, prescriptions, and other accumulated costs by paying for them in the event of an accident

Do I Need Health Insurance?

Due to recent legislation, which could realistically change any time, children are now provided for under their parent’s health care insurance until age 26. At this point, you may want to consider paying for your own policy.

Misfortune could strike at any moment. You could be hit by a car, catch a debilitating disease, or fall off a cliff, but most likely it is a simple broken bone, a cut that need stitches, or a sickness that requires medication. But regardless of severity, you should have health insurance for protection.


Policy Options

Here are some of the specific policy options that Got DI provides with our health insurance plans:

  • Individual Plans
  • Family Plans
  • Group Insurance

For more information, contact one of our friendly representatives to ask questions or request a quote.