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Get Disability Insurance in Oklahoma

Looking for disability insurance in Oklahoma?

Got DI offers disability insurance plans for a number of occupations, but specializes in providing policies for doctors and physicians in Oklahoma.

The amount of disability insurance coverage that a policyholder receives is based on a wide array of factors, such as employment, premiums, and medical history.

Disability Policy Riders

In order to select the top policy, Got DI reviews the additional riders from top coverage providers. Riders are voluntary add-ons you may get to add with your policies that boost benefits in specific scenarios. Here are some of the optional riders we feature:

Hospital Confinement Indemnity Benefits Rider
This rider pays as much as $500 for each day you're hospitalized due to a debilitating injury The benefits double for days spent in confinement in the ICU.

Return of Premium Benefit Rider
Depending on your policy, you can have 50 to 80% of your premiums returned (minus claims) after ten years paying the costs. This is available on long term and short term policies.

Social Insurance Supplement Benefits Rider
Social Insurance Supplement (SIS) Benefits are available only on a long term disability insurance plan for individuals and pays claimants additional monthly benefits when they don't qualify for social insurance, such as Social Security or Worker's Compensation.

Critical Illness Benefits Rider
Certain diseases are more threatening, so this rider pays up to $25,000 as a single payment in case you are informed you have a critical illness will take all of these choices into account while we search for the best short or long term policy that meets all of the criteria. You are in good hands with us, so you don't have to worry.