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Free Arizona Disability Insurance Quotes

Disability insurance in Arizona has never been easier. You can find quotes from multiple insurance providers right here at Got DI.

The fact is that no one would like to imagine what life would be if disability strikes. But a study has shown that a 20-year-old worker in Arizona has a 30% possibility of getting disabled before the age of retirement. Since the ability to work seems to be the largest asset of people, the situation would be unbearable or even miserable if a disabled person lost the job and could never generate income for the rest of his life. However, things have changed a lot with disability insurance.

Most citizens are unaware of how high the costs of living are for a senior citizen and how little government programs actually pay for these services. While Medicaid does pay some of the long term care expenses, Medicare does not pay for anything beyond medically-mandatory nursing care. To better protect your future, it is important to have a plan.

Got Disability Insurance offers some of the finest coverage in health, life and disability insurance. We deliver occupation-specific coverage from the nation's leading insurance providers.If you're in an occupation that could be at risk in the event you become disabled, call Got DI to hear about your coverage options. Here are a few features and benefits we offer our customers:
  • Policies for accountants, architects, attorneys and more
  • For small business owners, business overhead expenses keep you operational after an accident
  • Own-occupation lets you be employed in a different capacity while still collecting benefits
  • Buy short-term insurance with quicker elimination periods
  • Special plans for pharmacists and veterinarians
  • We will consider options to help you find the ideal policy for your finances
  • Friendly and helpful customer service
To help you pick the ideal disability insurance policy, Got DI reviews the additional riders from top rated coverage providers. Riders are voluntary bonuses you may choose to include with your policies that raise benefits in specific scenarios.