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DI by Lloyd’s of London for Top Earners

Most disability insurance providers only cover a maximum of $20,000 to $25,000 per month for benefits; otherwise they could soon be bankrupt. But for the very wealthy, this does not come close to even paying their mortgage, let alone all their monthly expenses. For these well-off individuals, disability insurance by Lloyd’s of London is the ideal choice.

Located in London, England, this establishment is one of the oldest insurance and reinsurance agencies in the world. Lloyd’s syndicate is made up of individuals who pool their money on claims. This allows them to payout higher benefits, up to 60% of the income, regardless of how much that figure is. This 60% amount caps after 5 years, at which point a lump sum would be paid out to the disabled. If you are in need of more coverage for D.I., you may need Lloyd’s of London.

Disability Insurance for Individuals

Got DI offers an array of selections for the best long and short term disability insurance for individuals involved in many. We are going to enable you to select the coverage that meets your preferences, so you will have sufficient coverage. Some of the features we offer include:

• Call for our helpful customer service
• Low premiums that will meet any budget
• Business overhead expenses allow your small business to continue operations
• We will ponder options to help you find the ideal policy for your budget
• Own-occupation permits you to be employed in another capacity while still collecting benefits