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Find DI Coverage for Executives

If you're looking for disability insurance for executives, then look no further. Got DI can help you chose the ideal insurance policy for your finances so that you can feel comfortable knowing that you will not lose salary in the event of an accident.

Nobody knows when a misfortune will take place, so it is best to shield yourself from the most unfortunate situations possible which could besiege you. Instead of jeopardizing everything on your wellness, buy a policy which will decrease the damages brought on by injury or health issues

In addition, executives can discover options for both long-term and short-term disability coverage. With policies which include own-occupation, income replacement, and business overhead expenses, you will not have to be concerned that your entire life hinges on preserving your wellbeing so you can work.

Riders for Your Policies

To help you find the most beneficial policy, Got DI compares the optional riders from leading coverage providers. Riders are voluntary extras you may choose to add with your policies that boost benefits in certain circumstances. Listed here are a few of the additional riders we feature:

Accident Medical Expense Rider
You choose a maximum quantity for your plan ($1,000, $2,000, $3,000, or $5,000) and Got DI provide the amount as a cash reimbursement for medical-related bills sustained following an injury.

Cost-of-Living Adjustment Rider
Because the cost of living is continuously rising with inflation, we offer this rider to your individual long-term disability cost to raise your benefits while you are handicapped to account for the change in real worth of money.

Critical Illness Benefits Rider
Some conditions are so severe that our agents offer the Critical Illness Benefits Rider, which pays out up to $25,000 in case you become identified as having one.