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Legal Attorney Disability Insurance

If you are an attorney, has excellent options to provide you with long-term or short-term policies for own-occupation insurance. You can never know when an injury or illness will strike, but you can prepare for them by purchasing a policy to protect your wages.

We also offer various riders to improve your worst-case scenario of falling victim to an unforeseen accident and being forced to miss work. You can find extras that account for cost of living, medical expenses, hospital and critical illness bonuses, along with other riders. You may also choose how long you want your waiting period and benefit period to be.

Attorney policies protect your income while you are unable to practice law. You depend on your income like your clients depend on you, so let us help you select a coverage plan that is dependable and reassuring.

Return to Work with Own-Occupation

Got DI offers a multitude of selections for the top short and long term  plans for attorneys. We are going to enable you to choose the plan that suits your preferences, so you will have sufficient protection. A few of the features we offer include:

• Own-occupation means that you can be employed in another capacity while still collecting benefits

• Affordable disability insurance premiums that are within your budget

• Friendly representatives will help you

• Business overhead expenses allow your small business to continue operations

• We will ponder options to assist you in finding the optimal policy for your finances