Find an Individual Disability Insurance Policy

You can find an individual disability insurance policy on Got DI that will help guarantee your wages in case of an accident. We can give you a free quote that takes into account your professional occupation, income, medical history, and optional policy riders.

Individual disability insurance coverage can be used in addition to group of employer plans for sufficient benefits. Sometimes, you work plan does not cover enough of your wage, so you can purchase an individual plan that makes up the difference, with a maximum return of 60% of wages.

Own-Occ Policies

A highly desirable option is own-occupation DI for individuals. Also known as Own-Occ, these policies allow you to continue working in a reduced capacity if your original employment is too stressful or arduous.

Most people would prefer to work rather than be unemployed, even if they receive disability insurance benefits. Because of this, own-occupation policies are very popular. They allow you to continue a daily routine, grant the interaction of a job, provide a sense of accomplishment, and allow you to rehab towards your desired occupation, all while still paying benefits.