Learn About the Different Types of Disability Insurance

There are three main types of disability insurance that Got DI provides. Here is a brief overview of each, with a link to more detailed descriptions.


Own-occupation is a form of disability insurance that allows the claimant to return to work in a diminished capacity at another position while still collecting benefits. Most workers want to work; it is more time consuming, keeps the body and mind active, and allows for social interaction. Because of this, many disabled people would rather return to work than remain cooped up in their house.

Many policies end the benefit period when the claimant returns to work, regardless of the job, but own-occ will continue to pay a percentage of benefits if the individual cannot return to the occupation they are trained for, but are able to work at less-intense position.

Income Replacement

Income replacement is a specific type of disability insurance that is actually more common today than own-occupation. While own-occupation allows the person to return to a different job, income replacement demands that they must be completely unable to work in order to maintain benefits. While income replacement can be cheaper because of this, it can also be more restricting for individuals who would prefer to be working in some capacity.

Business Overhead Expenses

Business overhead expenses insurance is for the small business owner who could lose his/her business without the ability to run day-to-day operations. A small business owner is one of a few employees, or possibly the only employee. Without his or her guidance, the company could soon go under. Business overhead expenses help protect your business in the event that an accident leaves you disabled by paying for basic costs to keep you operational.