Who Needs a Policy from Got DI?

Basically, any person who works needs disability insurance. You never expect to get in a car crash, yet you still purchase car insurance in case you do. Meanwhile, you could be at risk of a disabling accident at any time, not just while driving. You could be injured by a natural disaster, catch a serious illness, or simply pinch a nerve in your spine. Nobody plans to get hurt, but you can take precautions against it.

Imagine you were injured in a freak accident, like having a car run a red light and hit you while crossing the street. This may seem unlikely, but a worker is injured every second in America. One in seven workers will be disabled for over five years before retirement. These statistics do not bode well. So what will you do if you get badly hurt?

Long-Term Providers

Got DI has an array of choices for the best short and long term disability insurance for individuals in an array of occupations. We’ll enable you to choose the coverage that fits your requirements, to bring you adequate protection. A few of the advantages of our services include:

• Affordable disability insurance premiums that will fit in your budget

• Opportunities for business overhead expenses to help your small business

• Own-occupation allows you to be employed in another capacity while still receiving a percentage of your wages

• Buy short-term disability insurance with reduced waiting benefits

• Best long term disability insurance providers and companies

• Got DI will weigh options to help you find the optimal policy for your finances

• Call for our helpful customer service