MassMutual® Disability Insurance

Founded in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1851, MassMutual® is owned by its members and policyholders, so it makes looking out for clients a top priority. Along with disability insurance, the company currently features investment, insurance, and retirement products. It consistently ranks highly with Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s for strength as an insurer.

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Long Term Providers

MassMutual® is one of the best choices among providers.Got DI enables you to select the plan that fits your preferences, so you will have ample protection. Some of the advantages of our services include:

• Compassionate customer service

• Buy short term DI with a reduced waiting period

• Low premiums that can meet any budget

• Best long term disability insurance companies and providers

• For small business owners, business overhead expenses keep you operational after an accident

• We will weigh options to assist you in finding the ideal policy for your finances

• Own-occupation lets you be employed in a different capacity while still collecting benefits

Optional Riders

To select the top MassMutual® policy, Got DI examines the optional riders they provide. Riders are voluntary add-ons you may pay for to incorporate with your policies that increase benefits in certain scenarios. Here are some of the optional riders we feature:

Accident Hospital Confinement Indemnity Benefits Rider
This particular rider pays up to $500 for every single day you’re hospitalized because of an injury. The benefit doubles for each day necessary to stay in intensive care.

Critical Illness Benefits Rider
Specific diseases are more serious, so this rider pays up to $25,000 as a single payment in case you are informed you have one of them.

Social Insurance Supplement Benefits Rider
Social Insurance Supplement (SIS) Benefits are available only for long-term disability insurance for individuals and pays claimants additional monthly benefits when they don’t qualify for social insurance, such as Social Security or Worker’s Compensation.

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